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– George Bernard Shaw

Traffic Safety Consultants, LLC will provide consulting in these areas:

  • Incidents of Internal “Back-Overs” and “Trapped Betweens”**
  • Special Events
  • Safety & Health Management
  • On-Site Safety management
  • Construction Site inspections, Contractor Safety
  • Plan Review
  • Safety Audits
  • Internal Traffic Control Plans
  • Safety Policy for Roadway Workers
  • OSHA Compliance
  • Training for Employees and Management
  • Litigation Consulting and Forensic Expert Witness Services
  • Accident/Incident Investigation

** The majority of highway/roadway worker fatalities are related to Internal Back-Overs and Trapped betweens. For more information on these types of roadway/highway fatalities, go to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Highway Work Zone Safety page.

Barrier Issue

Note: There are no barriers in a crucial location.
A motorist turning right into the Walmart could plow right into the workers.