About Traffic Safety Consultants, LLC

I enjoy taking a diversified group of people and conveying the complex requirements of temporary traffic control while leading them to a mutual understanding of the facts!
– Catherine Witt, ATSSA Master Instructor


I am a Temporary Traffic Control Specialist and have been in the industry for 30+ years. With my Associates we have a combined experience of over 100+ years in Traffic Control.

While working for the City of Overland Park, KS as a Traffic Control Technician in the Traffic Engineering Division, some of my duties included Plan Review of the plans submitted for work in the city limits, Right of Way Permit review for necessary temporary traffic control plans, redesign of the City handbook specific to temporary traffic control including the municipal codes which pertained to them, design of temporary traffic control patterns for in-house designs, design of special event plans for all events including marathons, festivals, parades and any impediment of traffic in the city limits.

One of the duties I was asked to perform was in-house training of maintenance personnel, parks and recreation personnel, inspectors and any other personnel who were subject to live traffic while performing their duties.

I have continued my teaching through American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA). I have been instructing through the ATSSA for 17 years and have trained over 20,000 people to date.

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John J. “Jay” Jordan, P.E.

  • Over 55 years experience
  • B.S. University of Maine, 1958
  • Federal Highway Administration 1958, 1960-1983 (Assignments in highway design, construction and administration)
  • U. S. Army 1959-1960 (1st Lt, Artillery)
  • Self-Employed 1983-present (Traffic Safety Trainer, Expert Witness, Training Program Developer)
  • Professional Engineer designation (inactive) in Missouri and Kansas

Tom Sutton

  • Tom has over 35 years of experience in the Traffic Control Industry.

Results and Returns

  • I had one student tell me that due to financial issues her city chose to use a cheaper form of training. She informed me later that when she witnessed 90% of her workers asleep during the training she exclaimed “that was it!” She went back to using me exclusively again!

  • I have return customers who request that I be the instructor, and they have been return clients for over 15 years!

  • I had a student approach me at lunch on the first day of a three day course. He introduced himself as an attorney from another state. He explained to me that in signing up for the classes he had no idea why he was taking the course. He only knew he had a case which dealt with a work zone crash. He exclaimed that “I now know why I’d signed up”. It was to find me, and he asked me if I would take his case. That was the first Expert Witness case I worked and am now on my third case with this Law Firm.


Cathi is an excellent trainer – she is an expert in her field. I have hired Cathi on multiple occasions, and I have found her work to be exemplary. In order for me to book Cathi for a course, I must call almost a year in advance because she is in such high demand! Cathi understands how to pass knowledge on to all types of people. She caters to her students and always focuses on comprehension when it comes to her course material. She doesn’t want her students to regurgitate facts, she wants them to really learn and apply the information to their work. I would recommend Cathi for any position.

Marie Boyll, DOT Compliance & Training, Mears Group, Inc.

I have worked with Catherine Witt for many years. I first met her as a student in one of her traffic control classes. She does an outstanding of communication with a varied audience from traffic engineers, police officers, firefighters, DOT personnel, and others. The material that Catherine presents is very valuable for anyone who works in the roadway. It is life saving material. Catherine is always trustworthy, and her integrity is above reproach. She believes in what she is doing and will not short cut the information, or the students. I can recommend Catherine Witt as a trainer or consultant for traffic safety issues. She is an expert in her field, and she goes well beyond what is expected of her to get things accomplished.

Rusty James, Incident & Emergency Management, Gannett Fleming

Cathi is an amazing instructor. I have had the opportunity to be in 2 of her classes. She also does an outstanding job of keeping all of the other instructors, including myself, informed of what changes are upcoming on the classes. Cathi has gathered all of the ATSSA instructors and coordinated outings at our corporate meetings. For me it has been a pleasure working with and for Cathi and I hope to continue working with her in the future.

Dan O'Connor, Chief Estimator - Sales Manager, Highway Technologies, Southwest District

One of the best training seminars I have attended in a long time. Cathi had the attention and admiration of my entire team from the start and she never let go. Her knowledge of Traffic Control is unprecedented. I highly recommend the ATSSA courses and encourage anyone dealing with Traffic Control and the safety of all involved to seek Cathi’s training.

Jim Casey, General Superintendent, Hi-Way Safety Systems

Cathi is a FANTASTIC instructor for work zone temporary traffic control training. She consistently receives excellent evaluations. Students love her. She is a highly valued member of our instructor cadre.

Donna Clark, Director of Training and Business Development, ATSSA